Orestes Gaulhiac (Santiago de Cuba, 1960)

An internationally acclaimed painter and ceramist, Orestes Gaulhiac is recognized for his diversity in style and technique. Inspired by the countryside of Santiago de Cuba in which he was raised, Gaulhiac believes that all living creatures nurture a close relationship to one another. 

In 1978, he participated in his first exhibition in Havana.  He graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Diseno in 1980.  His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in his native Cuba, as well as the wider world, and forms part of many prestigious private collections around the globe.  

His works portray a universe where the natural world blends seamlessly with the realm of humans, in which birds romance fish, and humans kiss atop elephants. Gaulhiac's focus is on the spirit and energy of the figures. His paintings come alive with captivating elements of romance, humor and mysticism.