Mario Ayra (Granma, 1970) 

Mario Ayra is a self-taught artist living in the mountains of the Sierra Maestra, Cuba. He transforms his love of jazz and blues music into a make believe world were all his characters are part of a vintage Jazz lifestyle. 

Mario Ayra was born on December 27, 1970 in the small village of Buey Arriba, Cuba. He showed his first interest in painting at the age of 9 and studied briefly at the famous Eduardo Abela art studio (Manero Studio) on the outskirts of Havana, Cuba. After many years of self- experimentation and study, Mario began exhibiting his work at a number of local Havana venues including the Galeria Emil Abedel Kadel, Galeria Jose A. Diaz and the Galeria Imago at the Gran Teatro in Old Havana. More recently he has exhibited at the Annual Monterey Jazz Festival, in Monterey California, to rave reviews.

Immersed in the music, Mario creates his imagery from the inspiration of the jazz he listens to. Known for his combination of textures, patterns and stylized composition, Mario Ayra’s work is collected worldwide.