Harry Ruiz Moreno (Holguin, 1973)



Harry Sam is a very talented painter, a virtuoso exponent of the Russian academic school ready to mingle Cuban social speech and tropical spirit with ocre and sepia colors, accurate drawing with loose brush strokes to express a boring state of mind as well as a desire of intellectual freedom.

On several of his canvas characters appear just posing themselves as part of an absurd scenario with suspended stones and upside-down flying birds which somehow reflects the uncertainty and chaos that for decades has been dominating Cuban´s life. Masks serves to depict a double moral society. Houses refers to belongings we left behind when we part, the nostalgia of not recovering our roots, our past . Kids and old men together are supposed to express a very short route from birth to death, as if middle age life doesn't count that much (no plans, no future), while migration seems to be the only and eternal way out.

Harry wouldn't call his work surrealism but something rather closer to nihilism. As he often says, he hates painting beautiful things unless absurdity is present. Absurdity is still the most representative characteristic of human nature.