Jesus Nodarse (Villa Clara, 1973) 


Graduated in the Cuban Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro” Jesús Nodarse shows in his paintings sensual characters, without intellectual complexities, that enjoy the pleasures of the body and a simple life. Characters that “have only one life that is to be enjoyed to the fullest” and have no false shame to show their naked bodies.

According to the painter, this attitude demonstrates their high self-esteem, their privileged position, and their view of themselves as superior beings. His over-dimensional figures look as if they are paying worship to hedonism. They are vain and frivolous, but they are indeed characters whose aim in life is just one: to enjoy all the pleasant times, to contemplate the world without redeeming it or changing it. Above all they are characters who give not even the smallest concession to the opinions of their fellow man.