Agustin Bejarano (Camaguey, 1964)


Agustín Bejarano graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana as a Painter and Engraver in 1989. He has had several solo exhibitions in Mexico, Japan, Miami, Santo Domingo, Canada, Switzerland, Spain and United States.

Bejarano has a preference for large formats, combining technical mixtures.  In his large canvases, chromatic surfaces are conducting a game between content and form, between figuration and abstraction, getting a wide range of textures, scrapes, drips.

Overall, its theme always revolves around the man. Man with its external environment of accelerated change and the man with the daily experiences. Bejarano transforms this into a transcendental idea at the time and in space. A style ultimately staff that continues its relentless pursuit by the ways of art.