Alfredo Sosabravo (Villa Clara, 1930)


Painter, drawer, engraver and ceramist. Studied art at the Annex School of San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy, but is considered a self-taught artist.  Sosabravo has won important awards in Cuba and abroad, among them, the "National Plastic Arts Award", in 1997 and Doctor Honoris Causa in Art, in 2000. 

Nature, birds and fishes are permanent motifs in his work. Until 2000, he had participated in more than sixty group exhibitions, performing also about thirty solo exhibits. His ceramic recreates the nature and human body forms. His pictorial creations, are permeated by vegetable shapes mixing mechanic elements in a surrealist expression present on paintings and murals.

His works are displayed at National Fine Arts and Real Fuerza of Havana Museums.